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      Sport is Life

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    2. Stage 1 . We study information about popular sports
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    3. Where do you live? 
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    4. Is sport important for you? 
    5. What sports do you prefer? 
    6. How often do you do sports? 
    7. Do you like to watch sports competitions? 
    8. What kinds of sport are popular with teenagers in your area? 
    9. Have you ever done unusual or extreme sports? 
    10. Why are some people fond of doing unusual or extreme sports? 
    11. Would you like to do sports professionally? 
    12. Why should people do sports? 
    13. Find and write down an idiom/saying about sport. Give its Russian equivalent. 
    14. Illustrate the expression you have chosen. 
    15. Create a sports club advertisement. 
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    16. Stage 2 . Conclusion
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    17. Write three advantages of doing sports. 
    18. Write three disadvantages of doing extreme sports.