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      Tell me who your book friend is

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    2. Stage 1 . What are your favourite book characters?
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    3. Where do you live? 
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    4. Are you ....? 
    5. Do you have hobbies? 
    6. What are you favourite activities? 
    7. Have you got many friends? 
    8. Drag-and-drop a factfile about yourself 
    9. Drag-and-drop your mind-map "My favourite book character" 
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    10. Why do you like your favourite book character? Use three words to describe it  E.g: Harry Potter is creative, friendly, honest
    11. Stage 2 . Conclusion
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    12. Does your favourite character look like you? 
    13. Was it difficult for you to remember information for a factfile? 
    14. Can a mind-map help you sum up a lot of information about something? 
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