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    2. Stage 1 . Описание игры
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    3. Where are you? 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
      Location: ,
    4. What is the name of the game?  Think about the catchy title that will attract the attention of other gamers.
    5. What will the cover look like?  Here you are to design the cover for your game. You may use special software or just draw it, scan and attach here.
      Please upload from 1 to 2 pictures
    6. Will it have a soundtrack?  Think of music which can support your game.
      This question is optional.
    7. What is the minimum age of the gamers? 
    8. How many people can play the game?  Write the maximum number of the people who can play one game at the same time. It can also be the only person!
    9. What equipment is necessary?  Will it be an application for a smartphone? Or it can be a mobile or a computer version. Or you may need a special device like a playstation.
    10. How can people play? 
    11. What is the type of the game? 
    12. Who are the characters? 
    13. What is the location?  It means places in the game. Where will it take place? It may be a planet, for example.
    14. What will the game look like?  Here you will have to think about the graphics. It means pictures in the computer game. You can draw them by yourself using special software or with the help of art tools.
      Please upload from 1 to 5 pictures
      This question is optional.
    15. Describe the game.  It is the most important question as it reflects the idea of your game. Think about the aim of the game, how to achieve it, what you shoud do, what you will need, etc.
    16. What are the special features of the game?  Think why your game is special, how it is different from the existing games, what makes it interesting.
    17. Will it have expansion packs?  It means extra computer programmes with new characters, places, stories, etc. What will be included into the expansion packs? Why do they make the game more exciting?
    18. How much will it cost?  Here you will have to think about the reasonable price. It shouldn't be too low in order to cover your expenses, but at the same time it shouldn't be too high, otherwise it will be hard to sell it.
    19. Stage 2 . Моя игра
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    20. Introduction to the game.  Here write down the information that helps to choose the game (like the name, age, equipment, etc).
    21. The cover.  Attach the cover.
    22. How will you advertise it?  Think of a short slogan to attract the attention of the gamers.
    23. The description itself.  Here write down all the information that characterises your game (like description, special features, expansion packs, etc).
    24. Reviews.  Attach the most interesting reviews.
    25. Stage 3 . Заключение
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    26. What do other people say about your game?  Here you will have to share your ideas with other people (friends, relatives, classmates), learn what they think about your creation and write down their reviews. You should interview not less that 3 people and attach the file with their reviews here.
      This question is optional.
    27. What makes a good game?  Now you can analyse this part of the project and draw an interim conclusion.
      This question is optional.
    28. What did you learn doing the project? 
    29. What was hard? 
      This question is optional.