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      When Pigs Fly

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    2. Stage 1 . Study
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    3. Define your location 
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    4. Write down the chosen idiom  e.g: A fat cat
    5. Write down its translation  e.g.: жирный кот
    6. Define the theme group according to the content of lexis  e.g.: the animal.
    7. Write down the Russian equivalent of the chosen idiom  e.g.: денежный мешок.
    8. Write down the meaning of the idiom you are studying  Explain in your own words what this idiom means and when it is used in speech. E.g: A very rich and influential person.
    9. Create or find out a picture of the English idiom you are studying.  Note that you need to portray the English idiom in a literal translation. For example, "A fat cat" – it is necessary to draw a fat cat but not something or somebody else.
    10. Define the kind of the phrase  e.g.: idiom
    11. Stage 2 . Conclusion
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    12. Is it difficult for you to understand English idioms? 
    13. Was the project interesting for you? 
    14. How can the results of the project be used? 
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