1. A Horse is Poetry in Motion

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    To collect and systematize various abstract images and descriptions of a horse in poems from different cultures.

    Research question

    Does the image of a horse, when found in poetry, communicate mythological beliefs and cultural values of a given society? 

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    The data collected by multiple participants makes it possible to compare and contrast the perception of the same image by different people. It also introduces students to various representations of a horse created in a variety of cultural traditions.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Choose a piece of poetry containing the image of a horse.
    2. Find the time and place of origin of the text. This may be where the author lived or a place in which they travelled. If it is folk poetry, find its location of origin.
    3. Extract a phrase in which the horse is described. Enter this text into your Report Form. Do not forget to include the source of the text.
    4. Prepare a short annotation about the author (don’t forget to use the author’s name).
    5. Optional: Draw (paint) an illustration based on the excerpt you analyzed. In your drawing try to express the feeling evoked in you by the image of the horse. Take a photo of your illustration and to upload it to the Report Form.
      Note: If you choose to upload an image of art that is not yours, do not forget to give references. If it is copyrighted material, you may need to get a permission to avoid a copyright violation.
    6. Fill in and submit your Report Form. When filling out Question 1 do not forget to adjust the marker on the map from your location to the place where the text originated.
    7. Take part in the project discussion, browse the findings and artwork of other participants, and compare data in graphs and charts.
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol