1. Bees for the future_



    Discover how your community relates to bees!

    Research question

    This project will focus on three main questions:

    1- Is the bee population increasing, steady or decreasing in your island?

    2 - How is your community behaving toward bees?

    3 - Is your community aware of the problem bees are facing?


    Smartphone or other digital device. In case this is not possible, questions data can be retrieved by pen and paper and then uploaded online.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Because it is meant to provide a global view of the problem

    Investigation Protocol

    This project aims to collect data from two different types of Interviews: 1-your community members and 2-experts on the island. It is divided into 2 parts. 1st - 2 questions for you and 2nd - interviews. In each of the Interview questions you will find a description saying if it belongs to Interview 1 or 2.

    You should make the two interviews. However, in case you have time or logistic constraints discuss with your teacher if you should answer to the first only.

    Part 1: Questions for you!

    Questions 1, and 2 are to be answered by yourself. You can make a search online or ask someone about this.

    Part 2: interviews

    Interview 1 - members of the community (questions 3 to 10)

    Each group chooses one populated place of the island to implement the survey. In group, each student interviews one different person and introduces the data through hi/her account. Each group should interviews as many people as the number of students that compose it.

    - Make sure you explain to the person you are interviewing that this will anonymous and no one will be able to track the answers back to the person.

    - Make sure you don't interview someone that has already been interviewed by one of your colleagues for this project.

    Interview 2 - Expert in the field of agriculture, beekeeper, ecology, etc. (questions 11 to 18)

    Discover who are the experts on your island and interviews them according to the questions provided. Each student of the group can interview one different expert.

    Once you have collected all the data, in class, discuss your results with your colleagues and retrieve the data from the project. This data will come from different locations on Earth. Take a look at it, analyse it and use the discussion button to exchange ideas with your colleagues.

    Note: make sure you don't create a gender imbalance in your interviews, but interview men and women equally, if you can.

    Good luck!

    Safety tips

    We advise you (student) to walk in groups when contacting with the members of the community to collect data. Also, choose with your teacher a code to register in this platform and do not put a picture of your face. This is only standard recommendations from the project IDiverSE but should be followed by all IDiverSE schools.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol