1. Special Days

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    To learn about special days in different countries.


    The Internet to find additional information

    A Student's book

    A notebook

    A pen, pencils

    А gadget for recording your speech

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Together we can collect more information, which will help us write and give a talk on the topic.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Write an invitation card for a party. Write:name, date, place, address, other details like dressing up. The card should be catchy and creative.
    2. Write a thanksgiving card for a special event at your friend's house. Thank him/her for music, food, activities. The card should be catchy and creative.
    3. Prepare a speech about a special day of some country. Speak about the name, date, season,activities held during the celebration, food and feelings.
    4. Record your speech and prepare it for uploading.
    5. Make a poster of an event that takes place every year in your school. class. Write: name, date, participants, activities, Illustrate it with pictures.
    6. Analyze your work on the project. Write your answers and recommendations.
    7. Fill in the report form.

    Safety tips

    The project is safe.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol