1. This Is Our School



    • To help discover the GlobalLab community by describing our schools
    • To share our school with GlobalLab participants and to discover theirs
    • To create a photo gallery of our schools


    A digital camera or a smartphone or tablet with a camera

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    When we learn more about the schools we attend, we’ll have a more complete picture of our GlobalLab community.

    Investigation Protocol

    Note for teachers: if you work with a group of students, please consult the If You Work As a Group file.

    1. Download and review the table from the Collecting Data file.
    2. Read Speaking the Same Language with Data and Data Can Be Tricky
    3. Start gathering information about your school.
      Note: Record all data as you obtain them. Keeping the data in one place will simplify entering them into the Report Form. Use the Collecting Data file with the table and tips on where to find data you’ll need.
    4. Take a few photographs of your school, using digital cameras or smartphone cameras, and share them with us.
    5. Write a short story about your school. The essay should be no longer than a page or two in length. See story requirements in the Collecting Data file.
    6. Enter your findings in the Report Form.
    7. Read the Working with Data file, then go to the Findings page and analyze the findings from the entire GlobalLab community to better understand who we are. Use the questions from the Working with Data file to test yourself.
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol