1. Who am I?

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    The research will help you to understand better why appearance is important to young people. You will also learn to analyse the given date and organise it into a report. You will learn to take part in discussions about appearance and personality.


    • The Internet to find additional information
    • A Student's book
    • A notebook
    • A pen, pencils

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    While doing the project you will use the data from the other participants to see how people differ from around the world. This information will help you to develop creative thinking. Using it you will be able to make a report based on your findings.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Answer the questions in the first part of the survey.
    2. Study the results of the survey.
    3. Compare your answer with the answers of other participants.
    4. Write the report based on the findings of the research. Use the plan of the report from the attached file. Use the 'report' language from the same file.
    5. Answer reflection questions in the second part of the survey.
    6. Discuss them with your classmates.
    7. Write your opinion.
    8. Analyse your work on the project. Write your answers and recommendations.
    9. Fill in the report form.

    Safety tips

    The project is safe.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol