1. Ships of thoughts



    To determine the number of school children who read for pleasure every day and to find out what type of literature they prefer.

    Research question

    Less than 50% of all school-age children read every day.


    Books, electronic books.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Collecting a lot of data about types and quantity of books that school children in different regions read will allow us to see whether reading for pleasure is popular among children.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Read the Report Form questions and determine your answers.
    2. Note how many times a week you read (not textbooks, but works of fiction).
    3. Specify which genre of literature is the most interesting to you.
    4. Study the materials collected by other participants of the project and try to estimate the accuracy of the project hypothesis.
    5. Answer the Report Form questions.
    6. Take an active part in the project discussions.
    7. In the comment section share your impressions (both positive and negative) of the books you read.

    Safety tips

    Do not read while driving, in bad lighting, or while lying in bed, in a dark room as it can lead to visual impairment.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol