1. Mushroom expedition



    • Acquainted with a variety of fungi kingdom.
    • Repeat safety regulations going mushroom-picking.
    • Develop creative abilities.

    Research question

    Most people don't only pick up mushrooms in the forest, but also embody the theme "mushroom" in the art with great pleasure.


    • Camer.
    • All available sources of information.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Using resource GlobalLab, we get to glimpse into the mysterious and amazing world of mushrooms all over the countries.

    Investigation Protocol

    • Examine the different sources of information about mushrooms.
    • Find your mushroom!
    • Take a snapshot.
    • Show your creativity and imagination.
    • Carefully read and fill in the Report Form.

    Important: if you find a lot of different kinds of mushrooms, do not try to put them all in one Report Form, it is not convenient for data analysis. Please, fill in different Report Forms.

     We are looking forward to the results of your expedition!

    Safety tips

    The most important rule: in doubt - don't take! And even do not  try! If you do not recognize the mushroom, it is better do not take it. You should pick up theacquaintances mushrooms - the ones that you are confident.

    Go mushroom-picking, be carefully with mycelium and  do not pull out of the ground. Most mycologists prove that the fungus should be taken out of the ground like a screw. In other case part of the mushroom will destroy the mycelium.

    You can not shoot down poisonous mushrooms: they are pet food, besides disturbed symbiosis mushrooms - the trees; and so it is impossible to damage the mycelium.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol