To attract young people to the need to participate in the simple things that will help make life on Earth better.

    Research question

    The student is able to think to find, easy and interesting solution, which he knows. A teenager may become the organizer is the person who will tell their friends, classmates, acquaintances, neighbors, relatives about what you can and should do for the planet, if he is not indifferent to what will happen to us tomorrow.


    Each participant of the project and determines that his team needed to implement the "simple things". Everyone will need a computer with Internet access to tell about the results.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Help the planet is only possible, if all will participate. Project Director enables very diverse and numerous contacts.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Analyze what problems you see all around you.

    2. Gather a team of like-minded people.

    3. Think of a SIMPLE thing (one that does not require any special expenses and approvals, you can simply, independently, to act). You can look that suggested the guys from different countries here : http://uni-space.ru/index/otkroj_svoe_serdce_plan...

    They did this list in order to help everyone)))

    4. Prepare all necessary. For example, if you collect garbage, you will need a garbage bags, will plant trees without a spade not do to make a birdhouse need boards, nails and a hammer. Be sure to take a camera or video camera to make a report.

    5. To realize our plans.

    6. Discuss among themselves the results to understand what happened and what is not.

    7. Write about your project in the project Director, filling in the questionnaire.

    8. Communicate in the "OPEN YOUR HEART PLANET EARTH".

    9. Don't forget, things on Earth for many. Start a new project !)

    10. Proceed to step № 1.

    Safety tips

    The main thing to remember: the danger begins where no attention, respect and responsibility. Everyone should be of maximum benefit to participating personally. It is so organized life on the international space station. If the cosmonauts and astronauts from various countries manage to find common language, to work harmoniously to achieve the required results, maintaining friendly relations, means and on Earth we will be able as well.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol