1. Ocean of tales

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    Collect tales read by participants of GlobalLab projects and make a collection of tales that are popular today. This collection will serve as a basis for other projects in which we investigate the genre of tale.

    Research question

    Are author’s tales more popular today than folk tales?


    Texts of tales (a collection of tales, a tale published alone, tales published and found on the internet).

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    The more tales we collect, the more rich and interesting the material will be and the better we can compare popular tales from different countries and cultures.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Read several tales and choose the one you want to analyze.
    2. Determine which nation/culture or author created this tale and, if attributed to a specific author, note where that author lived. Use the preface of the book for the information or search the Internet (be sure to use credible sources).
    3. Determine in which category of tale the chosen story belongs. Information about the categories of tale can be found in the Information section of this project.
    4. Answer the questions in the Report Form. Please note that you will need to include the text of the tale for one of these questions. If the text is too big and difficult to be read in a short time you can simply summarize or condense the story.
      Make sure you give source information and credit where it is due so that you avoid copyright violations*.
    5. Read the tales of other participants. Compare the tales and their main characters. Read and comment on posts in the project’s blog. Take part in discussions.
      *Copyright laws are different in different countries. Make sure you are not in conflict with your country’s regulations.

    Safety tips

    Not required.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol