1. Upgrade to GlobalLab paid subscriptions: get one for yourself or give a gift of GlobalLab to someone else

    GlobalLab paid subscriptions allow you to publish more projects, get support of our team of experts, receive GlobalLab diplomas and certificates, create portfolios and many, many more.

    You can always keep on using GlobalLab for free and enjoy all our basic features: once you’ve registered you can participate in GL projects, publish one project of your own and unlimited number of ideas.

    • Plan GlobalLab Advanced

      GlobalLab Advanced is perfect for the curious ones who like to be challenged: GlobalLab collaborative projects boost research skills and thirst for discovery.

      GlobalLab Advanced allows:

      • publish up to 10 public projects
      • create private projects
      • create, store, and print a subscriber’s portfolio that records participant’s activity, progress, and awards
      • receive GL’s online tutoring and support
      • export projects’ findings to popular format
      Payment for
    • Plan GlobalLab Pro

      GlobalLab Pro is tailored to meet the needs of schools and/or groups of students (classrooms). This plan assists teachers and educators in following students’ participation and progress, preparing overviews and evaluations, developing after-school curriculum, enhancing professional development.

      GlobalLab Pro features:

      • two options to choose from: 30 students (per class) or 500 students (per school)
      • school profile page: portfolio of achievements of school/class/team
      • monitor students’ activities and learning progress
      • receive GL’s online consulting sessions on technical and methodological issues
      • Services included into GlobalLab Advanced plan for members granted with license from the school page
      Number of accounts Payment for

    For questions on plans and payments please contact us.